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5G Readiness Workshop - London Tech Week
10 - 14th June 2019
KNect HouseLondon

What you'l learn

Whether you're attending as an individual, or as part of an organisation, the 5G Readiness Workshop provides numerous benefits. Take a look at some of the benefits below:

Benefits for individuals

  • Develop sources of sustainable and transient competitive advantage to maximise profit and return on investment
  • Evaluate your organisation’s position in the evolving ecosystems and future growth strategies
  • Identify and develop strategic business opportunities within the new digital economy
  • Contribute to building a work environment that embraces forward-looking business practices, encourages innovative thinking and provides a framework that translates ideas into business success
  • Effectively communicate complex ideas to ensure consistency throughout the organisation
  • Develop holistic solutions based on best practise and make decisions that are commercially viable with minimal risk and in line with the strategy and goals of the wider organisation.

Benefits for organisations

  • Realign and reinforce strategy and performance
  • Maximise new revenues and return on investments with rapid identification and evaluation, faster response to business opportunities and more clarity on monetisation
  • Strengthen the foundation to develop robust and successful business and operating models - enabling individuals and teams to recognise and develop best practice across the organisation, and to make business decisions that are focused, balanced, & grounded in business reality
  •  Develop key competencies centred on new opportunities, innovation, advanced technologies and business models
  •  Develop greater clarity and unity throughout the organisation and within the functional teams